Dubai Urban Mirage


Emerging from the crossroads of luxury and design, I am Sandscript, an artist rooted in the rich tapestry of interior design with an avant-garde digital twist.

My journey began within the intimate spaces of my clients’ sanctuaries, crafting bespoke artworks that resonated with the soul of their homes. The evolution of art through NFTs unveiled a new canvas for my expression, propelling my creations into the dynamic realm of digital ownership and collection. Influenced by the iconic styles of Andy Warhol and Banksy, my pieces are a homage to the trailblazers of art, infused with the vibrant pulse of Dubai. Each piece is a narrative of contrasts: timeless art meets modern metropolis, the allure of the past intertwines with the futuristic present.

I capture the essence of Dubai’s opulent landscapes and its cosmopolitan heartbeat, crafting a unique digital experience that transcends the traditional and embraces the revolutionary.