Reflections of Dubai

Created by: NFT ZenMaster / Artist: SANDSCRIPT

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“A Woman’s Solace by the Shore. In the midst of the bustling urban landscape of Dubai, lies a serene oasis where the city’s vibrant energy meets the tranquil waves of the Arabian Gulf. In this captivating painting, a woman finds herself immersed in a moment of contemplation, seated on the soft sands of Jumeirah Beach, gazing across the azure waters towards the iconic skyline of Dubai.”

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Color Dubai


"Dubai Urban Mirage is the first notable publication from @SANDSCRIPT launched in March 2024.

What do you get?

  • A unique one of its kind collectible NFT
  • A high-resolution image
  • A worldwide license that allows you to use your high-resolution image asset in all media, including print, presentations, broadcasts, websites, and social media sites; unlimited.
  • Priority listing in all future collections by Sandscript

The Collections consist of 11 unique NFTs. Owning the complete collection will win you an in-person meeting with the artist Sandscript.