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The State of NFTs in 2023 [Video]

by | Jan 6, 2023 | NFT

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and serves as the chairman of VagnerX, CEO of VaymerMedia as well as the Creator and CEO of VeeFriends.

In this live meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk and BanklessThe discussion revolves around the current situation of NFTs in 2023, what makes NFTs work and what still needs to be done.

The greed took over, the short-term flipping took over, and that shadowed the incredible black and white technology infrastructure of a global scale ledger that can affirm ownership that can unlock everything. – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary hits the nail with this statement by affirming the potential NFTs hold that goes beyond just JPEG images of apes and pixles.

The NFT potential extends far beyond Digital Art

After hitting the headlines in 2021, NFTs became famous with artists like Mike Winkelmann and collections being sold for millions of dollars. Additional to digital art, the NFT potential extends to other sectors, like digital identities, finance, healthcare/health records and much more.

But we haven’t seen projects like these yet and in my opinion, the cause of this is the bear market that sprung from the infamous Covid outbreak.

All I can tell you is that today, with the rise of the Metaverse (link) and advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the time is perfect for NFTs in 2023 to start forming in the space of Hospitality, Healthcare and especially the financial sector.


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